Rome Attractions

When you visit Rome, most of the tourist spots will be related to the intricacies of the sculptor’s of the eastern times. Even though the technology evolved, nothing can beat the beauty, which these wonderfully built architectural buildings hold. One of the most favorite tourist spots in Rome is considered to the Colosseum, it was built to hold around 50,000 spectators for them to witness the contests of the might to demon the beasts.

The next is the Pantheon another marble beauty and was said to be the best and impressive monuments of Augustan Rome period.  Trevi Fountain, it is said to be the most photographed fountains in Rome and there is a belief said that whoever throws a coin in it will return to Rome.

 Palantine Hill is another tourist spot, which is said to be quite famous for its commercial, political and religious center of the ancient Rome. Go ahead and walk down a tangle of narrow streets to find the finest Roman classical and Baroque architecture in Centro Storico. If you are interested to find out more about Rome and its ancient time then you need to visit Borghese gallery, which holds the relics of sculptures, reliefs, and ancient mosaics.